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Okay, the title says it all. Since the bulk of my stuff is all based around the Street Fighter RPG, I can pretty much lump everything else I have to say under the 'other' category. Pretty straightforward, no?

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Hey, it counts as something else! And it's deffinately not Street Fighter related. It's a cool game. Well, much like any game, it can be cool if you play it with the right people... Okay, so I haven't personally played it in years, but I remember putting alot of work into it, so the least I can do it keep the rules around & post them for y'all.

Thunder Road Rules
Expanded Rules
Vehicle Construction
The Original Team

Dungeons & Dragons

Okay, now that I've played around in several D&D 3ed games, I'm starting to really get the hang of it. And I'm still enjoying it, which speaks wonders for the d20 system IMHO. Anyway, nothing is perfect, so naturally I've cobbled together some house rules for whenever I start running my own game. Still not real happy with the way spell points turned out... I guess it wasn't meant to be. heh.

Oh, Trent is the game world I run when it's my turn. Dunno why, I haven't touched it in like 10 years, but I suddenly felt like writing a history for it. Well, starting to write one anyway. Oh, the intro.txt file was my application for WoTC's world builder contest back in June 2002.

AD&D house rules