70s Street Fighter RPG

We're taking a break right now from the game, so that someone else can run something else for a while. In the meanwhile, I'm supposed to be revising the rules to fix a few big holes we fell in. Oh, & I'm keeping this journal around, of course, so that when we do start up again, I can remember what everyone was doing...

Quick List

Where is Everyone:
Nate & Kitty -LA- they're in Sound Beach, they've finshed up their fights for the night, & they're fixing to head back to Seattle to see if GT has found out anything about the death of Nate's mother. And pick up Lucian too.
Lucian -SEA- Living high in a Master's guest house, but wandering around all this artwork is starting to bring back memories.
Andy -NY- She's in upstate NY, visiting with the local Amish fuzzies.
Toby -NYC- Taking what they're giving cuz he's working for a living.

Session Summary - 9/14:

Game Date - 11/3/73
After a short stay in the English countryside, Andy realizes that there really isn't very much to this 'watchers' group, and that perhaps, she really is better off with her friends in New York. The group continues on with their epic quest: finding a job in NYC. Well, everyone except for Nate, who hops a flight with Kitty back to Sound Beach for some more fights. Anyone seen Lucian lately?

Session Summary - 9/7:

Game Date - 10/30/73
A quiet looking Amish man knocks on the door, with a manila envelope addressed simply to Andy Harris. Upon opening it, it turns out to be from the watchers, who would very much like it if Andy would come visit them in England, and perhaps even begin her training. So, with Andy out of the way, the rest of the team proceeds to deal with the important things in their lives. Toby learns how a hammer works, Lucian learns how the radio works, and Nate learns that his mom was run over by a train 3 days ago.

Session Summary - 8/31:

Game Date - 10/27/73
Toby finally remembers to tell Lucian that he used to be an art thief. Andy & Nate spend some quality time at Lau's soup kitchen, dishing up the action. Or well, soup. Tuesday night fights go better than usual, however, Lucian suffers his first loss to Orlando Jones. And that was about it... feeling like I'm forgetting something... in the sewers...

Session Summary - 8/17:

Game Date - 10/23/73
The troupe spends the next few days preparing for Saturday's fight. After some mingling around town, they learn that Saturday is the 'big money' night, and that, unlike Tuesday, several locals come out to bet on their favorite figthers. In addition, while searching for a place to live, the group decides to investigate several mysterious power outages along the NYC coastline. There, upon entering the sewers, Toby and Lucian are attacked by a giant rat-monster, which disapears when the rest of the team arrives. After a quick search, the team leaves the sewers, with intentions of comming back after Saturday. Thanks to Toby, the team manages to find a place to rent before the Saturday fights. Thanks to Nate's credit report, the team's lease application is approved before the Saturday fights. The team does fairly well Saturday, but the slow pace of the fights, particually Andy's, prevent the team from being well liked by the fans.

Session Summary - 8/10:

Game Date - 10/21/73
The group, now in Boston, tries to check on Bob a few times over the next few days, but never manages to catch him at home. After spending a day training with the local boxers, Andy, decides to just go ahead and open his door. One shotgun blast later, the team heads back to their hotel for a night of blood soaked towels & Chi-Kung recovery. And somewhere during this time, Toby mentions that he did tell Bob to go into hiding, and that Bob was a munitions expert... The next day, they manage to get a contact for a fight in New York City, which they immediately jump on. The next night, they're on the Statten Island Ferry, mixing it up with the locals.

Session Summary - 8/3:

Game Date - 10/13/73

The group spends this entire session driving around the country trying to track down & warn Toby's former squad that someone is slowly but surely hunting them down & killing them. They manage to warn both Kevin (JAX) & Bob (Boston), but arrive moments too late save John (San Antonio). Maybe if they hadn't taken so much time off for that bar brawl at the Texas border...

Session Summary - 7/27:

Game Date - 10/8/73
'You blind her, and I'll walk up and explode on her. It'll be her first time, but I think I can do it so that she won't notice'
-Toby, explaining to Lucian how he plans to get past the hospital nurse at the front desk.

Sadly, they instead decided to go around through the side entrance, and after much searching, find Roy Stevens in his hospital bed. Much Chi happens, while Toby explains to Roy's friends that they just came from a bad fight with some mafia low-lifes, & that this whole thing will shortly explode into a real war if both sides aren't careful. Meanwhile, out in the Nevada desert, Nate, Andy, Kitty & Bryan are busy beating up Luigi. Well, more like arguing what to do with him. And it doesn't help any that the driver took off with the car, leaving all of them stranded. More arguing insues, while Bryan begins a very nervous walk towards the city. Finally Kitty steps in & ends the arguement. With a Kick. To Luigi's head. With nothing left to argue about, the group sprints back to Las Vegas, where they call an ambulance for Luigi.

Now, here's where things start getting wierd. Andy, still mad at Nate & Kitty, heads off to the hospital on foot. Lucian, unhappy with Kitty 'the killer', also heads off for the hospital, only he & Toby hail a cab. More Chi happens, & they end up saving Luigi's life, which the mafia promptly thanks them for by knocking them unconsious in the parking lot. Andy arrives at the hospital, and manages to actually speak to someone competent in the mob. They strike a deal, & Andy leaves, in search of something wooden she can sharpen. Toby & Lucian recover, and after a short apology from their captors, they are released, very politely. Andy quietly arrives back at the hotel, grabs Bryan, & leaves, mentioning only that everything will be resolved by tonight. Toby & Lucian arrive back at the hotel in time to wake everyone there up, even Nate. There, Toby mentions that he needs to go visit St. Louis, to pay respects to one of his military buddies. Oh, and there's this odd possibility that the mob might be scared of Lucian, not because he managed to beat up 15 gun-toting thugs, but for something else he might have done in the past... And about that time, Andy returns again, this time without Bryan. Sensing that now might be a good time to leave Vegas, the group pack up & heads for St. Louis, in Nate's newly financed Lincoln.

Other than gas being over one dollar a gallon, the trip is completely uneventful. The group arrives in St. Louis, where Toby learns that his friend may have been murdered. He also manages to track down locations on all his remaining squad members, but is unable to contact any of them. So, off they head again, this time to Tenessee, where after the purchase of several maps & asking some locals for directions, they find their way to the right dirt road, & up Jason's house. Sadly, they find Jason dead on the toilet, which only confirms Toby's fears that he might be being hunted. (MIGHT? hHAHahahahahH)

Session Summary - 7/20:

Game Date - 10/7/73
Bryan meets up with the group for breakfast, and to warn them that he might have accidently kinda sorta pissed off the mob, who will probably make it a vendetta, and that they are in danger & should probably leave. When the group ignores that, Bryan points out that both of his former roomates (Joe & Jessica) have been missing for a few days, & could have already been 'taken care of' by the mob. At which point, he rembers something, & runs off again, mumbling something about needing to get Roy to a hospital. The group spends the next day training & looking for jobs & checking their mail, oh & fighting each other when they forget to sign up in advance for the Sunday fights. Bryan returns the next day to inform them that he still hasn't managed to find his roomates, but he IS in fact pretty sure the mob has them. The group heads out for dinner, with half the group wanting to walk into Tony's Italian restaurant & start a fight with whatever local mob affiliates are there, while the other half wants to play it cool for just a little longer. And then, Nate's brakes go out, sending the group headlong through an intersection & into a pickup. So Italian for dinner it is. The group enjoys a quiet meal inside a Tony's Italian resaurant, followed up by a street fight/bar brawl/shooting spree outside the front door, which they end by driving away in Lugui's stretched Cadaliac, with Lugui unconsious in the back seat.

Session Summary - 7/6:

Game Date - 10/1/73
Well, since there was nothing interesting to do in Vancouver except fight on Sundays, the team heads back to Las Vegas, where there is nothing intersting to do, except fight on Sundays. The teams heads on over to Bryan's place, intent on crashing there, only to find out that his house has burned down while they were away. Yet another reason to never go to Vancouver. Shorlty thereafter Bryan disapears, & the team goes on with their life as normal, training for Sunday. In the news this week, Jacob Edwards escapes from custody in Cedar City, and Tony's Italian Restaurant burns down.

Session Summary - 6/22:

Game Date - 9/24/73
The team spends the week in Vancouver, frequently visiting the lumberyard after hours to try & get in a quick fight on the side. Meanwhile, Lucian spends a lot of time with Bryan, following him around for a few days. During this time, he learns that Bryan is still busy keeping up his contacts & his coffee making, and that at night he has access to a small private library. More importantly, The spirit following Lucian around notices that Bryan isn't alive. This starts a whole new story in motion, and when it all settles, Andy learns that she's been watched by Bryan for months now, who works for an organization dedicated to fighting the supernatural, because she's the next 'Slayer', who are execptionally gifted fighters, dedicated to ridding the world of supernatural abominations. (Go watch Buffy). And then Nate walks in. "I've got big news! I ran away!"

Session Summary - 6/15:

Game Date - 9/20/73
The team packs up, ready to head for Vancouver, when Nate suddenly get grounded by his dad. The ship to shore message Nate sent to Texaco, demanding to know where the fights on the oil platforms were somehow made its way back to Masters Sr., & that was the final blow it took to bring Nate back to Seattle, where he was promptly placed in a desk job more 'suitable' to his status. The rest of the team continued on to Vancouver via bus, where they finally encountered the real Joshua Edwards, as well as several other lumberjacks who are known to mix it up on Sunday nights. Joshua turns out to be merely an ice elemental (MERELY!), and the blue glow around him is not the same as Andy's, although most of the bar can't tell the difference. The team leaves the bar that night disapointed, having lost badly to Joshua, but with gobs of money thanks to carefull betting.

Session Summary - 6/8:

Game Date - 8/31/73
A bar brawl? No we were never in a bar brawl. We're on a boat. And we're leaving Hawaii... hurry up, we're leaving... Hey, what's that sign say? 'Stay out, propery of the US Navy.' Well, they probably don't really mean it. We'll just sail in and have a look. Oh, you mean this isn't the island of Waku Waku? Our bad, we'll just be leaving now... So, back to Sound Beach to regroup. Nate shut up. Hey, who's the new guy with the ghost following him around? Nate shut up. I dunno, why don't we see if we can piss the ghost off? Yeah, good idea... Have you tried shooting it? Nate, I said (WHACK!), shut up!
"Wow. One punch, nice one Andy." -Sunbeam Jones
And on a sad note, Phil Stone finally learned Shock Treatment, which means it's time for him to make room for new roadies. I miss him already. =P

Session Summary - 6/1:

Game Date - 8/16/73
Sailing is very slow, and being stuck on a boat for nearly two weeks agitated the group to the point where they went looking for bar brawls in Hawaii, once they finaly arrived there. Otherwise, a quiet session.

Session Summary - 5/25:

Game Date - 8/8/73
Nate & GT disapear to follow a 'hot lead', leaving the group alone in Sound Beach. A perfect recipie for disaster. In addition, since they now have a boat, the Chief asks Toby if he could swing by what is left of his island. No one has been back since it was wiped out in 1965, and he's getting curious as to what's still there, if anything. Plus, his son left with two friends nearly two years ago, and they have yet to return. So now, with full access to a stocked 40 foot yacht waiting to take them wherever they want, they hop a greyhound & ride to Las Vegas. Naturally! There, Phil disapears for a few days to go 'take care of business', while the team rolls around in town & waits for Monday. During the visit, they discover that Andy's old roomate Bryan is actually something of a criminal mastermind, and is somehow associated with nearly every underground operation in Las Vegas. Oh, and he can see that Andy glows, too. More importantly, he makes a damn good cup of joe.
The team arrives back in Sound Beach Monday night, and a battered Phil shows up the next afternoon. Oddly enough, it turns out that one of Phil's 'jobs' was to rough up Bryan. (Funny how small the world seems sometimes). A very tense Bryan accepts Toby's invitation to sail around on the Pacific for a while to let things calm down.

Session Summary - 5/11:

Game Date - 8/3/73
Unhappy with his son's new lifestyle as a prizefighter, Dad assigns Kitty Black to 'watch over' little Nate Masters. The team gets back together in Sound Beach, and suffers several losses to the seasoned street fighters passing thru the area. The team learns that Sound Beach is the southernmost arena of a small underground circuit, but is unable to pin down exact locations to any of the other arenas. They do know, however, that this circuit is primarily based off of oil-platforms in the Pacific Ocean, and, well, Daddy Masters owns a boat...

Session Summary - 5/4:

Game Date - 7/31/73
Teach me ShockTreatment Teach me! Teach ME!!!!!! And that's how the group picked up their first sidekick, Phil Stone. Nate calls GT over to Sound Beach, because the group is still in need of a competent street-man, but Nate gets called back home before GT arrives. The remaining group somehow agrees to take a day trip to San Diego, to 'tour' the facilities of Red Sun Enterprises. There they gaze upon large trains, boats & warehouses. That night, they discover that in addtion to drug smuggling, Red Sun also seems to be involved in stealing cars, oh & probably shipping foodstuffs to Aisa, but since none of them know how to open a shipping car, they'll never know. Oh yeah, & Andy got shot at. Well, that's what she gets for letting Toby & Phil wander off alone.

Session Summary - 4/20:

Game Date - 7/23/73
Bored with Phoenix, the group decides to venture out into the world to find other martial artists. Naturally, this had nothing to do with Takuma informing them they had worn out their welcome. GT Richards (He's the man with the plan), decides to stay in Phoenix & continue looking for information, while the rest of the troup arrives in Sound Beach, CA. There they discover that the world, is in fact full of Martial Artists, although none of them are female. More importantly thou, even the big fat students can kick their ass.

Session Summary - 4/13:

Game Date - 7/21/73
GT Richards(Hunter) arrives (whatcha talking about, I'm talking about GT Richards. Can you dig?) He introduces himself to the group as a competent PI in town, which is something they really need. (competence, not a PI) The group combines all their skills & focus their powers to... ...to watch a train roll into town. Good job guys!

Session Summary - 4/6:

Game Date - 7/17/73
The group decides to do a little investigation of their own into the smuggling operations in Phoenix. They arrive at a warehouse owned by Sante Fe Shipping, where a late night business meeting is supposed to be going on with Red Sun Enterprises. The group manages to be spotted by the 'guards', fight ensues, and many Gummi Bears lose their lives to Andy. Since no one was really sure why they were here in the first place, the party splits when the cops show up. Later, they all promise Takuma they will stop their investigations (Yeah, right, trust a PC?). While out training, the party's suite was searched & ransacked by someone. In other news, Nate buys a jeep, Andy buys a bicycle, & Toby wishes he could afford a motorcycle.

Session Summary - 3/23:

Game Date - 7/7/73
Andy decides it's time to move on, and since Nathanial was on the way to Phoenix anyway, they group all hops the jet to Phoenix, where they meet Thomas's sensi Takuma Sakazasi. Other than Takuma being framed for drug trafficing, very little happens that week. So little in fact, that Nate & Toby hop the jet back to LV for the Sunday fight. Andy learns enough control to see the glow everyone else talks about.

Session Summary - 3/16:

Game Date - 7/1/73
Mark's character Toby shows up, beset by constant nightmares involving Andy. Andy realizes she glows in the dark. The trio go thru great lengths to avoid working together, and entrerly miss a bank heist happening less than 3 blocks from where they are standing. All three do manage to make respectable showings at the local fights, although that hippie needs to pick up some new moves. Toby also bumps into the legendary "Two-Fists" while camping out in the desert. Mr Bigg loses his fight, badly.

First Game Session - Summary - 3/9:

Game Date - 6/23/73
Nathanial(Axl) & Andrea(Ed) meet each other for the 1st time. Nate gets himself released from the hospital, and gets a physical trainer at the police gym. Andy manages to lose the 1st fight of the game, but finds out her roomate Bryan is really cool. And they now own a goldfish. Mr. Bigg rolls in from Atlanta & challenges the local champ to a fight.

Cast of Characters

Andrea Harris (Ed) - Destined to be the next Vampire Slayer, if she lives long enough to find out.
Nathanial Masters (Axl) - AKA Mike Smith, Only son of the wealthy Master's family. Yes, THAT Master's family.
Toby Eldritch (Mark) - A disgraced Lt. Crnl. from the Vietnam war, curently reduced to a begar in LV.
GT Richards (Hunter) - Shaft. Need I say more?
Kitty Black (Amy) - Female Black PI with attitude.
Lucian Dracker (Guff) - Soft spoken kid pushed to fighting by his spirit sensei. Funny how Hauted can be a 7pt. merit...

Mikahl Kole (LV)- President, Las Vegas Gambling Commision; Owner of Golden Nugget; also best fighter in LV
Mr. Bigg (ATL)- Pimp from Atlanta
Thomas White (LV)- Physical Trainer & Martial Arts instructor (Kyokugenryu) at LVPD Gym. Takuma's best student, now out on his own.
Bryan Lyttle (LV)- Andrea's roomate - Cannibus pusher extrodinare, keeps the college students supplied.
Phil Stone (LV)- Boxer & local strong man. Known to pick up extra paychecks from the mob for 'work'. Learned Shock Treatment from Toby.
Luigi Gambelli(LV)-Mob Middle Management

Takuma Sakazasi (PHO) - AKA: Mr. Karate - World reknowned Kyokugenryu Master. Currently under investigation for drug trafficing.
Richard Meyers (PHO) - Owner of Pao Pao Cafe, Ex-Caporean fighter, currently runs a bar/club in Phoenix.
Dave Bench (PHO) - Owner of Sante Fe Shipping
Jake Cornelius (PHO) - Local Manager or Red Sun Enterprises
Mark Anthony (PHO) - Local Playboy/drug pusher. Runs 'coffee house' out of his penthouse. Hangs out with Red Sun employees.

Spyder Dupri (LA) - Tank Driver stationed at Sound Beach. Mean.
Chief Waku Waku the 7th (LA) - Chief of the dwindling Waku Waku tribe, displaced to LA when their island was destroyed during a supernatural tropical storm.
Allo Thunderwave (LA) - Student of Chief Waku Waku 7.
Devin Fury (LA) - Local Boxer/Bodybuilder. Owner(?) of the gym.
Sunbeam Jones (LA) - Team Beam - Japanese American Martial Artist who's life has been forever changed by LSD. AKA: Tsuburi Razaka
Jetta Shin (LA) - Team Beam - Life-long friend of Sunbeam's. Worried about Sunbeam's new lifestyle, he now stays with him to keep Sunbeam out of trouble.
Deon Infantino (??) - Team Tiger - American Savate Fighter touring the world looking for new chalenges. Loud, Obnoxious, & very FAST.
Brian Blausucci (??) - Team Tiger - American Muay Thai Fighter - Charming only when compared to Deon.

Joshua Edwards (??)- "Two Fists" - Legendary(?) man whose body glows with Chi, now on the run from police for masacring his family.
Jean Claude Le Deaux (VAN)- Ex-French Foriegn Legionarie whose fighting ability landed him in Vancouver.
Steven Mitchel (VAN)- Son of the famous Wrestler(Blaster), he's now trying to make a name for himself.
Christian Dane (VAN)- Ex Military, Rapidly becoming famous for knocking oponents out in one punch.
Mr. Fixit (VAN)- "Sceince Profecer has Freak aicident leaving him large and Gray. Butt still smeart."(sic)
K2 (VAN)- Huge Scottish Wrestler, working as a lumberjack to pay the bills.

Larry Workmann (NYC)- Bartender/Boxer, trying to make his way in the big Apple.
Mike Haggar (NYC)- Local Wrestler, always looking for chances to clean up his hometown.
Lufia Shapira (NYC)- Ugly European female fighter, complete with Dragon Punch.
Mau Linn (NYC)- Obnoxious Half-Asian swinger, who just happens to be a asskickin grappler too.
Scott Jones (NYC)- Team Tiger, Boxer, works on the Statten Island Ferry.
Charity Reece (NYC)- Team Tiger, Honorable Special Forces, works on the Statten Island Ferry.
Orlando Jones (NYC)- Small Time Gang Leader.
Johny All-Style (NYC)- Big time talker with a (shitty) move for every situation.