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Online Comics I like

Penny Arcade
8 bit theater
Darths & Droids
Sluggy Freelance
Order of the Stick
Questionable Content

Online Comics I read anyway
Courting Disaster
Full Frontal Nerdity
A <3 P
Bigger Cheese
Truck Bearing Kibble
God Mode Online
Animals Have Problems Too
Neko the kitty
Zombie Hunters
GunnerKrigg Court
Devil's Panties
Simulated Comic Product
Sunday at 10
Shredded Moose
Nietzche Family Circus
Comix Talk
Bad Web Comics Blog
Comic Curmudgeon
Newspaper Comics at Yahoo!

Online non-comics I read
something awful
TwentySided Tales
Passive Aggressive Notes
Broken Newz
Ironic Times
toastyfrog (slippery slope)
60 second movie script


The Magic Box
NEWS slashdot
NEWS Kuro5hin
Games Radar
gamespot - new release lists
Edge - Next
Truth Out
Edmunds InsideLine
The Truth about Cars

WoW DPS Forums
WoW Mage Forums
World of Raids
Blue Card Place
WoW Insider
Giddy Gamer
goblin workshop
IGN - Talent Calc
WoW-pro - Excellent Instance FAQs Jame
WoW World Map
WoW Map using Google
The Scarlet Order
SASU on Earthen Ring
Crusaders of the Realm
Earthen Ring Forum
Tamarack Order
Knights of Ravenguard


Tom's Hardware
CNET download center
ZDNET download center
Good listing of freeware
Hard OCP
gnuwin - UNIX apps for Win
Arstechnica FAQs on computers & memory tuning

Computer Sales
Welcome to MCM Electronics - Your Source for Over 36,000 Products.
GinStar Computers

Auto Searches Online

Kelly Blue Book
Auto Trader
Listing of Auto Autctioneers
JSC Speed
Vivid Racing
Fast WRX
Tire Size Calc
Edge Racing


Atlanta Solo2
WRX Atlanta
DBL Racing Scheduler
Mouton's short SCCA Solo2 rules
More Mouton's SCCA rules
Talladega Mini Gran Prix
Middle GA SCCA
Atlanta BMW club
Evolution Driving School
Evo Driving School Registration
Subaru Review
Tons about Turbos

Everything Else

zabasearch - find ppl
Google FAQ
Armor Games
Kongregate Games
Urban Legends -
Urban Legends - Truth or Fiction
Urban Legends - Snopes
Recharge your own batteries
slime forest - learn Japanese!
DoubleTwist - Liberate your Media - Fight your Tickets

older bookmarks

Making a lot of noise at midnight is supposed to ward off evil spirits. Just like partially every other ancient tradition, from saying "Gesundheit" to watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. It would have been interesting to live back in historical times where people apparently felt that evil spirits were ubiquitous, yet excruciatingly timid. If using a fifty-cent cardboard horn to make a duck noise scares off evil spirits for an entire year, I figure putting up a small sign saying "EVIL SPIRITS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER'S EXPENSE" should keep them out of my hair for a decade or so. C+
Brunching Shuttlecocks

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. ---
The Irish Times, Washington, DC

If voting could really change things, it would be illegal. ---
Revolution Books, New York, New York

[12:20] Better suggestion: if you get caught protesting against abortion, you should pay a random teen mother half of the money it costs to raise a kid to at least 16 years.
IRC log humour at #btc

Readily available, for adult gamers. This game is rated M, so any purchasers of this game must first prove they are emotionally mature enough to put the violent content in perspective. Possession of the $49.99 purchase price serves as sufficient proof of this for most retail outlets.
David Wong (Pointless waste of time) on GTA3 Vice City

If I owned this car, I'd put in more aggressive cams and crank the idle up to about 2000 rpm, so it would play a frenetic staccato tune at all times. And I'd rip out the passenger seat and replace it with another fuel tank so you wouldn't have to stop every ten minutes. And I'd airbrush a portrait of a ninja on the hood, but that's, like, stage three.
Ezra Dyer, talking about the Lotus Elise - Automobile Magazine Online

"Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague desire for something salty." - Peter Egan

"A race car is one of the most efficient means known to man for turning money into noise." - Roger Penske

Dad once asked a teenager wearing a Rage Against The Machine t-shirt whether he too owned a Land Rover.
Brendan McAleer, The Truth about Cars

Subarus appeal to Lesbians, hoons and people living in Oregon, Vermont or Colorado. And that's basically it. Jonny Lieberman, The Truth about Cars

7. The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble.
9. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.
22. When you go into court you are putting yourself in the hands of 12 people that weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty.
from an email, '25 rules to live by'

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